Bicycle Helmet with Lights: Everything You Should Know

Bicycle Helmet with Lights

The bicycle helmet with lights is the most innovative and popular safety gear for cyclists. The bike light can be mounted on your headgear to provide visibility during nighttime rides, thus preventing accidents. This product is perfect for recreational riders who want to take their cycling hobby outdoors in the dark. With its LED technology, the bicycle helmet with lights will keep you visible from all angles so that drivers are able to see you coming. 

Bicycle helmet with lights: Do they really keep cyclists safe at night?

There is no denying that visibility is one of the most important factors in keeping you safe on your bike. Riding your bicycle at night gives you even less time to be seen by the drivers. The problem is most cyclists don’t wear reflective clothing or safety vests during nighttime rides because it is not considered cool or aesthetically pleasing. 

The fact however remains, if a driver does not see you, there will definitely be an accident. This puts riders such as yourself and others around you at risk of death or injury. With this in mind, many companies have developed products that can attach to helmets which then enhance the visibility of the wearer – ensuring their protection and that of other road users.

How to choose a bicycle helmet with lights?

Because this product has grown in popularity, there is a wide selection of bike helmets you can choose from. It’s therefore important that you carefully check the features of these bike lights before you purchase one. The first thing you should look out for is one with at least three LED modes which are high, medium, and low beam mode.

Low beam mode would allow cyclists to increase their battery life while still giving them visibility on roads at night or during dawn or dusk hours.

You also want your bike light to be waterproof so that it doesn’t get damaged when it starts raining – especially if it rains heavily where you live. Other safety features such as the ability to quickly detach the light if there is an emergency should also be considered.

7 Important things to consider before buying a bicycle helmet with lights:

1. Amount and type of LED lights:

Look out for the number and type of LED lights on your intended helmet. The more, the better as it gives you a longer battery life. The three modes are high beam, medium beam and low beam which allow you to conserve battery power when it’s not required, especially during hours where there is sufficient light from the sun or streetlights.

2. Water Resistance:

This feature ensures that no matter whether it rains heavily, snows or even if you ride through puddles around construction sites, your lighting system stays powered up without any damage to the device itself or its components.

3. Compatibility with other devices:

The best bicycle helmets with lights usually have a micro-USB port that allows you to connect the lights to a power bank. This means that if you run out of battery on your lights, you can use a portable battery charger to recharge them which brings us to our next point..

4. Battery Capacity:

Look for models with high capacity batteries as they hold their power longer and also because it has an advantage over other competitors in terms of price as well as durability.

5. Mounts & Batteries:

The best bicycle helmet with lights usually comes with mounts or clips which allow installation within minutes without any tools or screws required. Make sure that the light mount is compatible with both your helmet and bike so that its easy to install anywhere you wish.

As for battery life, look out for products that take between 3-4 hours to fully recharge. Make sure that the battery is removable as this allows you to carry multiple batteries which you can change out during your ride whenever the first one runs out of power. The higher capacity the battery, the longer it will last and this means a lot more time for fun on your bike.

6. Helmet Weight:

This should not be too heavy as you want to ensure that it’s lightweight so that even if it’s cold outside where you live, wearing a helmet with lights won’t be uncomfortable for you especially around your neck area. Most helmets with lights have been designed using materials such as carbon fibre or other lightweight yet strong components which reduce bulkiness without compromising safety at all.

7. Price:

Bicycle helmets with lights aren’t cheap so it’s important to set yourself a budget for your new purchase. Shop around online or at your local stores for the best deals which you can find after comparing their features, prices and feedback from other users who have purchased before.

Benefits of wearing a bike helmet with lights:

There are many reasons why you should consider wearing a bicycle helmet with lights and this includes:

  • Increased visibility: This allows other vehicles and pedestrians to see you easily especially during hours where there is little or no light. It also helps cars turning corners or vehicles coming out of the garage to spot the cyclist more easily which greatly reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Allows cyclists to be seen even in low light conditions: Most high quality bike helmets with lights such as those made by LED Monkey come with multiple LED modes that allow users to increase their battery life while still providing enough lighting when required.
  • Provides peace of mind for riders: Users can ride through all kinds of terrain safely without worrying about being run over large trucks, buses or other fast moving vehicles due to low visibility in the dark.
  • Prevents accidents and injury: Our society and road infrastructure is not designed for cyclists which is why wearing a bicycle helmet with lights is mandatory when riding at any time of the day or night. It also helps drivers to see you easily in areas where there are no streetlights or insufficient lighting such as concrete tunnels, old dirt roads and other similar areas.

It’s important to always stay visible on your bike especially during hours where it’s dark outside, this can be achieved by wearing a reliable high-quality bicycle helmet with lights that have been certified by relevant international authorities such as UL which ensures that all products released into the market meet strict safety requirements and guidelines set out by governing bodies ensuring users protection even if they are involved in an accident.

What is the best bicycle helmet with light in 2021?

The best bicycle helmet with light is the one which meets safety standards and is durable enough to withstand all types of accidents. It also comes with a rechargeable battery as well as backup batteries especially if you plan on using your bicycling equipment for different activities such as kayaking, surfing, and other extreme sports.

In addition, it’s important that you choose a reputable brand that has been trusted by users globally for over ten years because all headcover manufacturers have been around long enough to know how they can design products to meet international standards and guidelines set out by governing bodies so they offer real value for money.

here are the top 5 best bicycle helmets with light in 2021:

1. Lumos Ultra Smart Bicycle Helmet with light:

The Lumos helmet is a great way to stay safe and seen on your bicycle while riding in low light or at night. The front of the helmet has three LED lights which automatically turn on when you are riding in dim conditions, aiding other vehicles or pedestrians around you to see you more easily. The battery life lasts for over ten hours even if the lights are constantly switched on during use.

2. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Bicycle Helmet with Light:

Schwinn is one of the biggest names in cycling equipment internationally renowned for producing high tech helmets that keep cyclists safe while they ride their bikes no matter what time of day it is.

The Thrasher Lighted Helmet comes with an adjustable strap system which allows users to change the size of the head cover. It also has multiple LED lights which are capable of lighting up even the darkest roads, allowing other road users to spot cyclists more easily.

3. Underwater Audio Waterproof Bicycle Helmet with Light:

The Underwater Audio helmet is designed for people who love long rides on their bikes especially during wet weather where its hard to see where they are going due to low visibility and poor light conditions.

This waterproof helmet features a rechargeable battery and can be used under water at depths of up to ten feet without any damage occurring so you can use it for various activities such as kayaking and surfing as well as cycling.

4. Nutcase High Visibility Bike Helmet with Light:

This lightweight yet durable bike helmet with light is perfect for people who love cycling in low light conditions such as dark tunnels, wooded areas and during wet weather.

It also greatly reduces the risk of accidents and injury by keeping cyclists visible when road lights are poor or non-existent especially during heavy rains and foggy conditions.

5. Sweet Protection Dart Bicycle Helmet with Light:

The Dart head cover comes in various sizes and features a chin strap which allows users to change the size of the helmet to fit their heads perfectly even if they have unusual shapes or sizes due to injuries that could hinder them from using standard sized helmets.

The multi LED lights last for up to 50 hours on a full battery charge and provide riders with sufficient lighting no matter what time of day it is.

When and where to use your bicycle helmet with lights?

The best time to use your bike helmet with lights is during hours when it’s dark outside which includes either early mornings or late nights. This means that you can enjoy riding even during the winter months without having to worry about installation, removing them before getting indoors or forgetting where you’ve parked your bicycle at night.

Most helmets with lights come with several LED modes that allow users to increase battery life when required yet provide enough lighting when required at all times which makes it much safer for cyclists who wish to ride their bicycles no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Brands such as LED Monkey have created top of the line products which include solar panels and wireless magnetic inductive chargers which make it easier than ever to run your product wirelessly without having to worry about long charging periods or batteries running out of charge while you are riding on busy streets.

10 Tips on how to keep yourself safe while cycling at night time or in low-visibility conditions:

1. Make sure that you always stay visible to other road users: 

This can be achieved by wearing a bicycle helmet with lights if you want to be safe and seen along busy streets where traffic is heavy and few streetlights are available.

Wearing reflective clothing and putting LED lights on your bike or body also helps, but it’s important to make sure they aren’t facing against incoming vehicles as this may blind them causing accidents.

It’s best to use lights such as those made by Bright Eyes which easily glow due to the special ultra-bright material used in its making allowing users to be seen from far distances even during hours where visibility is low.

2. Be aware of what’s coming your way: 

It’s important for cyclists who ride at night to remain focused on the road and make sure that they don’t get distracted by anything including their mobile phones. This will ensure you stay safe and prevent accidents from taking place.

3. Avoid cycling in poorly illuminated areas: 

Stay away from places such as old dirt roads where lighting is insufficient or non-existent completely. It’s not only dangerous but can also cause user fatigue if too much time has been spent in these areas due to extremely poor visibility which results in reduced reaction times and slower speeds when trying to avoid obstacles that come into your way unexpectedly like pedestrians or stray animals for instance.

4. Always use a reliable bicycle helmet with lights: 

Wearing a certified bike helmet with light ensures you are fully protected at night when riding long distances with limited lighting available. Bicycle helmets with lights such as those made by Bright Eyes are great because they can be adjusted and switched on and off easily when required making it easier than ever to stay safe no matter where you ride your bicycle to.

It’s also more comfortable due to the breathability provided thanks to its ventilation holes meaning that users don’t get sweaty or too hot while wearing them, while some models even offer wireless inductive charging which makes it easy for cyclists who want a wirelessly charged product while using their helmet without having to bother about cables and connections that may damage light systems or electronics like solar panels used in other products, this comes into effect more at night time when riders need an extra boost of power so they can use the lights during hours when visibility is low or limited.

5. Never ride your bicycle in the middle of a road: 

Riding in the middle of a road not only puts you at great risk, but it endangers other motorists as well if they aren’t expecting you to be riding towards them unexpectedly from either a corner or a very narrow street leaving little room for error if someone tries to avoid hitting you by swerving into oncoming traffic.

Riding near the side is usually safer and prevents accidents from taking place as long as cyclists make sure that their visibility isn’t obstructed by dust or water which can be kicked up onto their face shield while riding along roads alongside cars and buses where debris tends to fly around especially during windy weather conditions making users’ vision become impaired.

7. Obtain a bicycle helmet with lights if you want to remain safe while cycling at night: 

Wearing a bike light is the best way of increasing your visibility which ensures that motorists or others on the road can see you from far distances making it easier for them to avoid hitting you in the event of an accident from taking place.

It’s important for cyclists who ride at night to equip themselves with bright flashing LED lights attached securely to their helmets, clothing or bikes in order to stay visible and increase their chances of staying protected by using these easy tips to boost safety not only for cyclists but also pedestrians too.

8. Never use your mobile phone when riding at night: 

Using your mobile phone while riding during hours where visibility is low or limited can be dangerous because it’s not only distracting but also takes your attention off the road which is something you don’t want if you are cycling at night.

It’s best to put your mobile phone on silent mode and leave it inside a pocket or bag until you arrive at your destination, this way will ensure that you stay safe while riding during hours where its dark or lighting conditions are too poor for good visibility.

9. Never wear sunglasses when riding at night: 

Cycling with sunglasses on might seem like it provides better protection especially if they have a dark frame and offer lens that doesn’t let much light pass through reducing peripheral vision, however wearing them can cause more harm than good as they tend to reflect everything which makes users lose their focus especially at night where lighting conditions aren’t good for good visibility.

10. Be wary of black ice: 

Cycling during hours where roads and paths are covered in a thin layer of black ice can be very dangerous because this surface is extremely slippery making it hard to stay in control meaning that accidents can take place easily, so if you want to avoid any form of injury to yourself or others around you while cycling especially when wearing a bicycle helmet with a light on then make sure you don’t ride on surfaces where the temperature has dropped below freezing point which will make even the smallest amount of water freeze up creating dangerous road conditions.

Related Questions:

What are helmets with lights called?

Helmets with lights are often called bicycle helmets which come equipped with a light installed on the back or front of the helmet that can be used during hours where it’s dark or visibility is too poor for good safety.

How do you attach a bike light to a helmet?

A bike light is easily attached to most helmets by using its clip-on which keeps the unit firmly in place, this way will ensure better visibility and less chance of accidents taking place because motorists and others on the road can see you easier without having any trouble spotting your movements.

What does an LED bike light do?

An LED bike light helps cyclists stay safe during hours when lighting conditions aren’t favourable such as night time making these units very useful especially when cycling on dimly lit roads.

What is a helmet with lights used for?

A helmet with light is often worn by cyclists who cycle during hours where it’s dark or visibility is too poor for good safety, they represent one of the most important aspects attached to a bike which will help increase visibility and make it easier for others to spot the user from far distances making accidents less likely to take place.

How does a bike light work?

A bike light works by emitting bright beams of light that can be seen from far distances helping motorists and other people avoid hitting cyclists in case an accident takes place which makes wearing a bike helmet with lights essential when cycling at night.

Are helmets with built in lights legal?

Helmets with built-in lights are legal and by law must meet the safety standards set out by legislation, this way will ensure that they provide adequate protection during accidents especially when traveling at high speeds.

How do you put a light on a bike helmet?

A light can be attached to a bike helmet by using its clip-on which is designed to help the unit stay firmly in place, this way will provide better visibility and less chance of accidents taking place.

What is MIPS helmet??

MIPS helmet is a new technology that’s designed to help absorb rotation forces during an accident by allowing the shell of the helmets to rotate slightly on impact, this way will reduce brain injuries and make wearing helmets with lights even more essential when cycling at night.


Cycling at night time or in low-visibility conditions can be dangerous. To keep yourself safe, use a bicycle helmet with lights! If you’re not sure which light is the best for your needs, consult our guide to help you make an informed decision about what type of bicycle helmet lighting will work best for you. We also provide tips on how to choose and care for your bike helmet’s light so that it lasts as long as possible. Check out our blog post here if this article has piqued your interest–we’d love to hear from you!

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