How To Dress For Cycling? [A Complete Guide]

How To Dress For Cycling?

Cycling is fun and refreshing but the best experience comes with comfort and ease while cycling. And to stay at ease while cycling, you need to dress properly. As riding a cycle requires you to move your hands and legs flexibly, you have to dress accordingly so that you don’t face difficulties while riding. In fact, proper dressing can considerably change your riding experience. 

However, due to inadequate and scattered information, people often find it difficult to decide on a dress code. And some people aren’t aware of the importance of a dress code for cycling. 

If you are one of them who is confused about how to dress for cycling, I am here to help you out. I would guide you on how to dress up for more comfortable and fun cycling in different situations. 

Stay with me!

What To Wear Cycling in Various Weather? (Dress Like A Cyclist)  

Weather is a major determinator of how you should dress for cycling. Here I give you a complete idea on what to wear cycling in various weather. So, if you want to dress like a proper cyclist, then follow the below parts:

1. Dressing For Warm Weather Cycling:

If you are out on a long ride on a warm day, you would suffocate after a ride if you don’t dress accordingly. You need to wear a costume that would allow ventilation, soak sweat, and keep you fresh and airy.

You should choose lightweight and light-colored clothes for a summer ride. You would feel breezy with the light clothes on and light-colored clothes would reflect sunlight and won’t absorb heat. As a result, you would stay fresh and chilled. 

Let us see what you must wear for warm weather cycling:

Bike Shorts:

Think of wearing full pants and cycling when the scorching sun is over your head. Of course, you can wear full pants but you would end up suffocated and tired. If you want to stay airy and fresh during a summer ride, you should wear bike shorts. 

Bike shorts keep most of your legs exposed so that they stay airy. They are stretchy so that you can move your legs freely. The bike shorts are made with materials like Lycra that won’t stick to your skin and are breathable. 

Another benefit of bike shorts is that it soaks moisture and sweat, keeping your legs dry. It also reduces friction with the skin. Shorts also come with a padded crotch liner to stay protected from injury and friction and for better comfort. 

Your lower body stays free to move, stretch, and operate with the shorts on. You almost feel like wearing nothing due to the lightweight and airy material, less friction, and the sweat-soaking quality.

Bike Jersey:

You should wear a loose-fitted and light-colored jersey for a summer ride. The mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber makes a soft, lightweight, and breathable material that makes a jersey. Consider wearing a sleeveless jersey or a short-sleeved jersey for ultimate comfort, ease, and flexibility.

Jerseys slightly soak the sweat and help it dry quickly. You stay mostly dry even if you sweat as the jersey would help to dry out the sweat fast. The jersey also doesn’t stick to your body if you sweat thus keeping you fresh and airy. 

Jerseys that have front zippers are the best. If you want, you can simply unzip the zipper and let air cool down your body. Women can wear a sports bra inside and unzip the jersey for cooling down your body. Jerseys with a collar are preferred as that would protect your neck from getting exposed to the Sun.

If you don’t want to wear a jersey, you can go for a loose-fitted t-shirt. Try to select a thin and airy t-shirt that maximizes ventilation and airflow. You have to be comfortable and make sure that sweating doesn’t make your body feel suffocated, wet, and itchy. 

Try selecting a jersey or t-shirt that has front or back pockets so that you can keep your phone, money, tissue, or keys and reach them easily.

Bike Socks And Gloves:

Gore-tex, polyester, or nylon ankle-length socks are preferred for a summer ride. These socks are thin and allow maximum air to let in. Another biggest benefit is they soak sweat and help your feet to stay dry. Sweaty feet become slippery and lose the firm grip that can be prevented by wearing these socks.

Gloves are mandatory on a summer ride. It is normal that your hand would sweat when you hold the handlebar. This would cause your palm to slip. To avoid this, you need to wear gloves. Mesh gloves are the best as they would allow air to penetrate and reduce sweating. Even if they sweat, it will be dried out soon. 

Summer gloves have fingers that are not covered. Only your palm and just a little part of your fingers would be covered. Therefore, your fingers would stay free and airy even with the gloves on. 

Therefore, both socks and gloves are important for keeping your feet and palms dry and comfortable for a smoother and hassle-free ride.

2. Dressing For Cold And Rainy Weather Cycling:

Your dressing for cold and rainy weather cycling should be:


Remember you may like to avoid wearing full pants as they restrict your leg movement. Consider wearing a half-quarter or a three-quarter tight. These pants would absorb moisture and are non-insulated. They would allow maximum flexibility and let you ride freely.

Also, they would keep your leg protected from the wind. Tights with knee pads would be better so that your knees don’t freeze. Also, they can protect you from minor injuries. 

You have to wear leg warmers so that the part below the knees doesn’t get cold. Leg warmers are excellent to stay warm and comfortable during a winter ride. They also allow you to pedal effortlessly. Leg warmers would protect you from wind keeping your lower leg warm. 

Therefore, for a winter ride, you need to wear tights, preferably with knee pads, and for your lower leg, you need to wear leg warmers for ultimate warmth and comfort. And just make sure that your warmers are waterproof, then you can use it in rainy weather too.

Jersey And Jackets:

For the upper body, full-sleeve jerseys are the best. Non-insulated full-sleeve jerseys give comfort and ease in movement. If it is extremely cold, wear a turtleneck body warmer instead of a jersey. A full-sleeve turtleneck body warmer would be best if you are riding below 25 degrees.

You can choose between a jersey or a body warmer. But what you can’t miss out on is a windproof and waterproof lightweight jacket. You can choose quilted jackets that are lightweight but protect you from the wind. Also, there are plenty of cycling jackets available that are suitable for winter rides.

These two layers of jersey or warmer with a windproof jacket would be enough to keep you warm and free from cold on a winter ride. And don’t forget to purchase waterproof jerseys and jackets for the rainy weather cycling.

Gloves And Socks:

You can’t just move out with your bike without wearing gloves and socks on a winter day. Woolen gloves and socks with toe warmers are the best for winter so that your feet and hands don’t get frozen.

Your hands and feet are what keep the cycle moving forward. They have to be warm and active during cycling. This is why full-fingered gloves and full-length socks are mandatory on a winter ride.

You can find extra stretchy socks and gloves that are specialized for cycling. Choose waterproof gloves and socks for rainy weather cycling. 

How To Dress for Cycling In The Mountains?

You can wear any dress according to the weather conditions mentioned above. You can go for short-sleeved jerseys with half-pants or bike shorts. You may wear leg warmers and woolen inners for a winter ride.

But I suggest wearing full-sleeve jerseys with elbow armors or pads. These are necessary not only to protect you from injury but also to keep you comfortable and confident. Sports inner are important too so that they can absorb the sweat and make you stay at ease. 

Mountain rides are tiresome and hectic. Therefore, consider wearing a breathable costume so that air can penetrate and make you feel airy and comfortable.

What Is The Classic Dress For Cycling?

The classic dress for riders is what you see them wearing on the TV, the Lycra dress. You can definitely go for that option as it is crafted only for a comfortable and smooth cycling experience.

Classic Lycra costumes are sleek and tight-fitted so that they can quickly absorb and evaporate the sweat from your skin. It is undoubtedly the best costume you can have for utmost comfort. So, here are the list of classic dress for cycling:


The custom includes shorts that have more panels. These are made of chamois that are crafted for flexible movement or legs. Now, these panels are for unrestricted movement while riding. The flatlock stitching involves double needles to give a chafe-free cut for movability. 

However, the best is the bib shorts. Bib shorts stay in place for long and don’t ride down during high-speed riding. You don’t need to adjust them frequently as they would automatically take the shape according to your posture. 

Jerseys And Tops:

By now you have a good idea about riding jerseys. You can find them in any sportswear shop. But some factors are to be noticed while buying a jersey. 

You should buy a jersey with front zippers. You can use them in winter with the zipper off and open it to allow air to come in during a summer ride. Jerseys with raglan sleeves are the best as they fit well and adjust perfectly to your neck and sleeve area. 

Wear a base layer. This can be a tight-fitted inner that would soak up the sweat and allow the jersey to dry it out quickly. This would keep you dry and fresh throughout the ride. 

What Are The Essential Accessories For Cycling?

Irrespective of the weather condition and where you are going for a ride, you need to wear some more for better protection, comfort, safety, and body balance. Let us check out these essential accessories for cycling:


I suppose you would not miss out on wearing a helmet while out for a cycle ride. The helmet protects your head from any sudden injuries. Apart from that, it would keep your head in an upright position and thus your focus would stay on the road ahead. Wearing a helmet makes you ready for a ride and stay alert without any distractions. 

Besides, a helmet keeps your head protected from cold, sun, or rain. Your head and face would stay unaffected in any weather condition if you are wearing a helmet. On a sunny day, put on some sunscreen on your face to prevent burning and your head would be cool due to the helmet. 

Cycling helmets are widely available. You can buy any one of them that is durable, sturdy, yet comfortable to put on.


Riding shoes are designed for better balance and grip. Wearing casual shoes or slippers can be extremely risky for you. Your feet can sweat and become slippery. This would naturally loosen up your feet grip. Besides, if your feet are not in place, you would not get proper body balance thus disrupting the cycling speed.

Shoes that are waterproof are the best. The material should be sturdy but the soles have to be soft and bendable. This would help you to flexibly operate your feet over the pedal. Pedaling requires frequent movement of feet. Therefore, the sole should be bendable and soft. However, a thick-layered rubber sole is better to absorb the shock. 

5 Reasons Why You Need Specific Dress For Cycling:

Many people don’t recognize the importance of wearing cycling gear. The importance and reasons for wearing cycling gear may vary from person to person. But let me put up all the reasons for which you must wear a costume while going cycling.

However, here are the 5 reasons why you need a specific dress for cycling:

  1. The cycling shorts have chamois padding. These are different for females and males. These chamois paddings are added to provide support to your hip and crotch line. The hard saddle doesn’t make it painful to sit over it due to this padding thus making you comfortable on the saddle.
  1. Cycling dresses are for your comfort during different seasons. Winter jackets and pants are for warmth while open zipper jerseys are for summer. So, these dresses are crafted for your ease in any weather conditions.
  1. Cycling dresses are designed to soak and quickly evaporate sweat. Therefore, you stay dry, fresh, and clean throughout the ride rather than feeling itchy, or irritated. 
  1. Helmets are for your safety. Any minor or major accidents may happen anytime. To prevent head injury, helmets are necessary. Besides, it protects you from sun, snow, rain, wind, etc.
  1. Shoes are needed as they maintain your body balance and your legs are perfectly placed on the pedal. Your feet don’t slip and you can go for a smooth ride. 


Now you know the importance of wearing cycling gear and how to dress for cycling. Choose a dress code that you are comfortable in. Select a costume that can let you ride effortlessly as long as you want. 

Check out the options and handpick the best dress for the best cycling experience ever. Wish you happy cycling!

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