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Here, the stated terms and conditions would regulate your use of our website, cycling advise, ‘cyclingadsice.com‘.

These terms and conditions would impact your use of our website and are applicable to all website visitors. If you don’t agree with any of the stated terms and conditions here, we request you not to use our website in that case. 

People below the age of 18 should refrain from using this website. 


Cycling advise is a website where the authority, users, and contributors provide diverse information, experiences, learning, and analysis about cycling to global people. However, we are not experts or don’t have extensive knowledge on the topic. But we connect with scholars and knowledgeable people who are professional and trustworthy.

When we use someone’s work or expertise, we carefully cite and mention them accurately. If you don’t see any mention in any of our articles, it means, we have demonstrated our own ideas and thoughts in it and the content is for entertainment purposes only.  

We recommend you not to ignore any advice from experts as our website content is not an alternative for diagnosis, prophecy, prescript, regulation, or approved and individualized guidance of specialists. We highly advise you to discuss with an expert practitioner who would give you direction, advice, and instructions. We never prompt our users to disregard a piece of expert advice because of some content you got here.

We, the authority, and patrons of cycling advise are not responsible or accountable for your activities, or steps that you fail to take by being influenced by our website content. 

Intellectual Property Rights:

Cycling advise.com and its licensors have the absolute rights to the intellectual property here, i.e, the pieces on this website, except for the content that you have contributed to our website. 

To the best of our knowledge, we never violate anyone’s intellectual property rights and always represent unique content. However, if you find us breaching anyone’s or entity’s intellectual property rights, kindly reach us at ’email’.

Fair Use:

Cycling advise or its authority does not claim the ownership of the media used under the Fair Use Doctrine (17 U.S.C. § 107). We strictly follow the media use under the guidelines and established case law of the Fair Use Doctrine.

‘Fair Use’ is allowed under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, for several works like research, commentary, reporting, education, knowledge, learning, and examination. 

Fair use is to use according to the guidelines of the copyright statute. It is a law in the United States that sanctions limited usage of copyrighted content without any approval from the owner of the property for purposes like commentary, criticism, research, etc. It authorizes legal, non-licensed usage of copyrighted content in another person’s work under a four-factor balancing test.


You should refrain from all of the factors mentioned below:

  • Publishing our website content to another media without our consent,
  • Applying or trading our website content for financial benefits, 
  • The public portrayal of our website material,
  • Misusing our website in a threatening and ominous manner,
  • Using our website to hamper the usability of the website and the accessibility of the users,
  • Infringing the law and legal parameters that can harm the website, its reputation, any person, or an entity,
  • Involving in data infringement like data mining, harvesting, extracting, etc.
  • Using the website for promotional activities or selling.

You can’t trespass into some areas of the website and cyclingadvise.com may further narrow your accessibility to many other fields in this website, at any time, with complete discretion. The ID and password you use to access our website are confidential and you must not give that to anyone else.

Your Content:

Your content means any media like audio, video, text, images, etc. that you want to display via our website. By displaying your content, you allow cyclingadvise.com a non-exclusive, global permanent, sub-licensable license to work on, create, edit or convert, publish, interpret and disseminate it in all media.

Your content has to be fresh and plagiarism-free and must not violate any third-party’s rights. We have the rights to dismiss your content from the website at any time without any notice.

No Warranties:

Our website is ‘as is’, with imperfections, and we do not provide any assurance of any kind for this website or our content. Also, our content never aims to guide or instruct you on any matter.

Limitation Of Liability:

Cycling advise.com, its titleholders, stakeholders, administrators, supervisors, or representatives, are not answerable for any event that has grown with your use of our website whether such obligation is under contract. We are not liable for any circumstances caused by your use of our website material.


Therefore, you guarantee that cycling advise.com is fully free of all charges, liabilities, demands, causes of action, damages, and hazards caused by your incorrect usage or violation of the terms and conditions. 


If any of these terms and conditions are marked as invalid under any applicable law, such conditions should be cleared while the other rules would endure.

Complaints And Retractions:

If you find any content on this website to be fallacious, misleading, offensive, published without grants or consents, or breaching anyone’s rights, kindly contact us at ’email’. We would verify your accusation on a case-to-case basis. 

Variation Of Terms:

cyclingadvise.com can change or alter the terms and conditions for this website if demanded and you must review the terms and conditions regularly. 


cyclingadvise.com can charge, transfer, or sub-contract these rights under the terms at any time. However, you cannot do the same under these terms.

Entire Agreement:

All the terms and conditions, therefore, make this entire agreement between cycling advise.com and your use of this website and replace all prior agreements. 

Governing Law And Jurisdiction:

The stated terms and conditions are established by the law of the State of California, United States, and you can communicate with the federal and state courts in case of any disagreement.